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Jessi Kay:The Caribbean Singer Unleashes An Evolved Sound 

Jessi Kay Debuts New Single “Paid In Full”

The Caribbean Singer Unleashes An Evolved Sound


Washington, DC - Singer and songwriter Jessi Kay began writing poetry at the mere age of 8 – an escape away from being an ambitious only girl living in a low-income neighborhood.  Writing was an outlet that allowed her to purge her emotions, to describe her experiences and to hone her skills on paper. Inevitably, her knack for words led her to writing songs and trying her hand at singing. As she discovered she had a true talent for music, it quickly emerged into her life’s work. Her sound, is an eclectic mix that transcends genres, pulling from all ends of the musical spectrum creating her own class of music that is not just original but also quirky. The Jamaican singer often finds influence in her heritage as the sounds of reggae, soca, and calypso rhythms pulse through her.  She still manages to be simultaneously be engrossed in the American hip hop, pop, and rap scenes. Like her musical idols, Missy Elliot and Mary J. Blige, the artist isn’t afraid to tell a story and speak her mind.


Jessi Kay’s music has truly developed and matured while keeping its identity.  She has uncovered her many skills and gifts and is comfortable in her ability to experiment with new sounds and trends. During one of the transforming moments in her writing/musical career while listening to a beat, she found herself inspired to spit lyrics to a hip hop beat. Uninhibited, Jessi Kay found the lyrics just came to her and she naturally progressed into rapping. Eager to venture into new musical territory, the artist is working on an impending album (which fans can expect to be released later this year) that will display Jessi Kay’s musical maturity and confidence in her sound. “I’m a little bit of a hidden gangster,” laughs the artist about her emergence into the rap genre, “I’m a modge podge of mystery and that translates into my music. I listen to a melody and if immediately lyrics start to come in my mind, I’m going to run with it. One day it might be pop, the next day reggae, and the next it might be trap. Music just speaks to me.” Jessi Kay expresses that she is just a vessel that the music speaks through and she wants to remain true to that without attempting to control every aspect of that.


Jessi Kay has come a long way by building upon a sound that is uniquely her own.  Her latest debut, “Moon Child”, comes in the form of the grind anthem “Paid in Full”, a clubby hit that celebrates the art of the hard work with a homage to the Roc-A-Fella move “Paid In Full”.  A rap track with a hint of singing, the song marches to the beat of its own drum (quite literally), just like the up and coming Jessi Kay. The inspiration for “Moon Child” is the essence of Jessi Kay. A strong Cancerian woman who is unapologetically embodies the characteristics of her astrology sign while exploring the depths of what stepping outside of that realm has to offer. While she is currently pitching songs for the likes of Keith “KD” Smith, A&R with Christ Jones (VP of A&R at Atlantic Records) she is diligently putting the finishing touches on her second EP.


Ultimately, Kay’s goal is to reach as many people with her music as possible. “I want my music to be touchable for people. I want them to live through the music, laugh in the moments and just have fun.”



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Jessi Kay and the "Industry"

There are some things the independent Caribbean/Pop singer/songwriter Jessi Kay is shy about, music is not one of them. When it comes to singing and songwriting Jessi Kay brings the island flair, sassy attitude and unique sound to the forefront for all to hear.


“I want my music to embody me. The strength of girl power, independence, a need to live life to the fullest by following your own rules!” says the Caribbean raised singer as she glows.


Jessi Kay began writing at the tender age of 12. Her aunt over heard her singing a destiny’s child song and the rest quickly became history. Jessi Kay has worked tirelessly to create a sound, name and lane all her own. “My favorite song was Bills, Bills, Bills and my mom kept asking what Bills girl! I pay the bills”.


Fast forward a few years and Jessi Kay has written for local artist/groups. Including a singer by the name of Neenah Taylor who has worked with major Hollywood hitters in music and film to include the likes of the Disney franchise. Jessi Kay has caught the attention of and worked with Chucky Thompson, former BadBoy Records Producer, and had lengthy conversations with Lil Wayne, CEO Young Money Entertainment regarding her music and direction. Jessi Kay has made her own connections with many entertainment moguls such as Mase, former BadBoy Records artist, Mally Mall and Wale, Maybach Music Group artist.


In June of 1015 Jessi Kay released a small EP on iTunes to include hits like “Move to the Left” which has gained more than 35,000 views on YouTube alone and “The Takeover”. These singles has been spun in some of the hottest clubs/parties in the Washington, D.C. area and gained some major traction for the songstress. Her music is fun, sassy and bass driven as a nod to her Caribbean heritage. Jessi Kay is currently working her solo project while doing features for local artists, such as the three songs she completed with the group Brothers to Death from Virginia.


Jessi Kay is a quiet storm to watch. Her music is unique, relatable and she is multitalented and multifaceted. She is not just a singer/songwriter… she’s a rapper, entertainer, actress and mogul in progression.



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